The Best Toys For 3 Year Old Girls

Best Gifts and Toys for 3 Year Old Girls

Snap Pop Beads Girl Toy

Snap Pop Beads Girl Toy

All little girls are incredibly creative – just give them the right materials and watch in amazement as they niftily go about tinkering, arranging, and constructing. This jewelry kit is one of the most popular toys for 3 year old girls because it is an inexhaustible source of materials for a small girl to craft with. The 180 different pieces of beads can be used to make necklaces, bracelets and rings, and then taken apart and reused all over again to make entirely new combinations.

The beads are connected by insert, so no thread is required, and the child will be able to effortlessly snap pieces together and take them apart afterward, developing her fine motor skills in the process. Each piece is different, making the possibilities endless and thus helping cultivate imagination, creative thinking, and attention to detail.

Most girls love to tamper with their mom’s jewelry, so a jewelry kit of their own is the perfect gift. It’s also great for encouraging cooperation, as two or even more girls can have fun piecing jewelry together – they surely won’t run out of beads.

  • Reusable
  • Cultivates creativity and cooperation
  • Sturdy and durable pieces
  • Lead-free and phthalate-free
  • Lightweight, easy to carry

  • Some parts are very small so supervision is necessary

My First Flybar Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids

My First Flybar Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids

What would be a good way to keep a little girl busy and active, but without having to worry about her safety? This nifty little toy will keep a 3-year old hopping happily until she’s well exhausted and ready for naptime.

But it’s not just a great way to help a girl relieve the enormous amount of energy 3-year olds typically have. Hopping on a foam pogo stick is a great exercise for hand-eye coordination, balance, and strength.  

This particular pogo jumper has a soft but durable foam base and comfy foam grip handles that ensure there will be no slipping, connected by a strong and stretchy bungee spring. It gets even better: the jumper can support up to 250lbs so each member of the family can have a hop! It’s one of those toys that can be held on to and played with for years ahead.

  • Built-in squeaker: the funny sound makes it really fun for kids, plus it helps count hops
  • Great for both indoors and outdoors; the soft foam base won’t scratch any surface
  • Meets all CPSC Safety Standards

  • The built-in squeaker stops making noise after extensive use

VTech Doc McStuffins Talk and Trace Clipboard

VTech Doc McStuffins Talk and Trace Clipboard

This talk-and-trace clipboard is hands down one of the best educational toys for 3 year old girls and a great pre-K learning toy in general. That’s because it uses playful melodies along with letter recognition technology to engage children and teach them letters, numbers, and some health topics – all in a fun way.

The magnetic drawing board comes with 3 detachable stencils and the dimensions (6.6 by 9.6 inches) are perfectly fit for a small child to hold easily in their hands, making it a great toy to carry along on a car ride and keep the child engaged. As a letter is traced on the board, a voice will say the name of the letter and give an example of a word that starts with that letter.

The clipboard also provides an opportunity to “play doctor” and thus slowly get a little girl acquainted with how doctors take notes – so that they’re not intimidated when it’s time for an actual visit to the pediatrician’s office.

  • Offers 4 different learning activities
  • More than 30 melodies and sounds
  • Teaches hand coordination as well
  • The voice sounds natural and not robotic
  • Demo batteries included

  • Very loud, no volume setting
  • There is no storage provided within the toy to put away unused stencils

SONGMICS Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box Girls Jewel Storage Case

SONGMICS Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box Girls Jewel Storage Case

Here’s the deal: we love encouraging little girls to play with all kinds of toys and trinkets, including those that are not typically “girlish”… but we don’t have to overexaggerate this good intention. The truth is: little girls generally love ballerinas and princesses as much as they may love toy cars. They enjoy gentle, “girly girl” pieces because they make them feel like charming Disney princesses they admire.

This little jewelry case is wonderful and stimulating because it’s also a music box. There’s a clockwork mechanism to wind up at the back of the box once the lid is open, making a lovely ballerina figurine twirl to the mesmerizing tune of Tchaikovsky’s “Waltz of the flowers”.

This is a really beautiful way to encourage a 3 year old girl’s love for music and dance, as she will get to play a part in “orchestrating” it by having to wind up the clockwork – and then she can mimic the ballerina twirling. It is very likely to spark an interest in the beautiful art of ballet!

  • Includes plenty of space for storing jewelry, hairpins, and other little treasures: 5 compartments and a bottom drawer
  • Decorative design that a little girl will fall in love with; great decorative addition to a room
  • The “Waltz of the flowers” melody can be heard clearly

  • Although the material is durable, the musical box cannot withstand falls onto heavy surfaces

LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart

LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart

This ice cream cart is a cuteness overload, and some customers on Amazon even called it one of the best toys of 2017. A girl or boy around the age of 3 will absolutely love it, and here’s why:

This is a fun and engaging toy that offers numerous activities which are made to develop various skills. Firstly, it offers a great opportunity for role-playing fun and imagination, as the child pretends to run her own ice cream shop and make delicious scoops for her customers. The cart can be wheeled around, helping build gross motor skills, all the while accompanied by upbeat music.  

The set features six order cards with cute animals on them, so the child follows instructions to make ice cream and thus builds memory and sequencing skills. There’s also a “Magic Scooper” to pick up the scoops, but here’s the catch: it introduces by voice the colors and flavors and knows if the correct order was followed. Magic! It’s a great way for a child to be engaged, learn, and practice following instructions.

When your little girl presses the syrup or coin button, a count to ten starts for her to follow along. There are also sing-alongs that will make taking orders all the more fun and help further develop memory skills.

  • Extremely engaging and educational
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Features 10 songs and melodies and more than 200 phrases
  • Great set for 2 children to play together
  • Handy compartment inside the cart ensures all 22 pieces of the set are stored away safely
  • Batteries included

  • Too robust for taking on travels
  • You’ll likely have to replace the batteries often

Betheaces Aqua Magic Mat, Kids Toys Large Water Drawing Mat

Betheaces Aqua Magic Mat, Kids Toys Large Water Drawing Mat

Kids love doodling… and between the ages of 2 and 5, they’re especially keen on doodling on walls, furniture, and any other surface they can get their drawing material across. The creativity and drive for art they express are beautiful, but although you’d rather not be the bad guy and restrict them all the time, you still want your living space to retain at least a tiny bit of tidiness.

That’s what the aquadoodle mat is there for. At 34.5×22.5 inches, it is a vast surface for a child to express all her creativity, and have some friends come over and help make some genuine toddler art (or you could join in for some real quality time).

The aqua mat comes with 2 markers and a magic brush – once they are filled with water, children can begin drawing directly on the board and after 3-10 minutes, the doodles will dry out and disappear, so they can draw on the same canvas again and again. That’s it: only water is needed to get surprising colors. Which also means: you don’t have to worry about ink on walls and floors.

  • Drawing templates, stencils with shapes, and a drawing booklet also provided
  • Completely non-toxic pens
  • Drawing mat is easily folded to a compact size
  • Water-resistant nylon at the back of the mat ensures there will be no leaking onto the floor

  • Children can’t choose their own colors but have to wait and see what they get while drawing
  • If there’s a drawing you want to save as a memory, you’ll have to snap a photo of it

Playkidz My First Purse – Pretend Play Kid Purse Set for Girls

Playkidz My First Purse – Pretend Play Kid Purse Set for Girls

Isn’t it hilarious to see little children mimic their parents? It’s adorable and funny to us as adults, but there’s more to mimic than that: it’s a natural result of the learning process, as a child observes the things and actions around her, mentally taking note of them and building onto her imagination all the things she’s learned.

Girls adore their moms and look up to them, so it’s no wonder they’re so mesmerized by their mom’s purse and its contents. A little girl will surely love this cute play-pretend purse that will encourage active and creative role play. The purse has handles for easy carrying and it is sealed by Velcro so it’s easy for a 3-year old to open and close safely. Inside the tote are contents just like those inside mom’s purse (but thankfully, not real): cell phone, car remote, credit card and lipstick. The cellphone and car key remote are battery-powered so they light up and blink when buttons are pressed, engaging the child into play.

  • Durable and nontoxic materials
  • Phone’s display can also be used as a mirror
  • Interactive accessories: sounds, melodies, emojis popping up on phone screen
  • Batteries included

  • Be prepared for “car-like” sounds and beeping noises from the remote car keys

Doctor Kit Set Nurse Pretend Playset

Doctor Kit Set Nurse Pretend Playset

Here’s another wonderful play-pretend set to encourage active role play and learning through imitation. The kit includes a portable trolley case with a set of medical accessories (such as a stethoscope and thermometer), plus a nurse hat and uniform – everything a little girl needs for her own doctor’s office! The little suitcase is sturdy, the buckle latches ensure the contents won’t spill out from the inside, and it can be wheeled around easily.

She can use the kit for playtime with friends and stuffed animals alike, and she’ll surely want to do some check-ups on family members as well. An educational toy set like this one is a great gift for a 3 year old girl to learn why we go to doctors and how they help solve our problems, so she can feel more at ease the next time you take her to a doctor’s office. It’s a great tool to teach about practical life skills and to encourage empathy.

  • Made with safe, high-quality plastic that is sturdy and easy to clean
  • No batteries needed
  • Trolley case is handy for storing other toys as well

  • No additional features designated for teaching the child what doctors do and what is the purpose of each medical accessory, so it’s best to pair this with other educational material

Little Tikes Princess Cozy Truck Ride-On

Little Tikes Princess Cozy Truck Ride-On

This is a classic that all children adore, and it is adorably designed to impress a little girl at first glance. The truck even has a pair of cute eyes so it feels more familiar and personal to a child.

The driver’s door is opened and latched close so the tiny driver is safely tucked inside and ready for a ride. This is a safe version of kids’ cars that’s perfectly suited for the age of 3 (or even smaller) because it is not automated so you don’t have to worry about your kid steering it. A removable floorboard is included to keep the child’s feet safe when you’re pushing the car (there’s a handle on the roof), or they can go on their own using their feet when there is no floorboard.

There are other features to make it more engaging and fun, such as a steering wheel with an electronic horn, fun graphics, and a gas cap that opens and closes.

  • Helps develop gross motor skills when children use it without help
  • Rear storage bed is great for keeping snacks and favorite toys on the go
  • Riding wheels are quiet; the tires are durable
  • Can be pushed easily on carpet and grass as well
  • Demo batteries for electronic car horn included

  • Assembly takes some extra effort, minimum 45 minutes; you will need to use a screwdriver and hammer

Gymnic Rody Horse Sport, Red

Gymnic Rody Horse Sport

How about a fun workout to help a little girl get out all the wiggles and giggles?

Rody will likely become a 3 year old girl’s favorite toy, because what can beat hopping on a lovely red horse until complete exhaustion! It’s one of those toys that provide a really exhilarating time, but it is also great for promoting balance and coordination. Start on soft surfaces such as grass or thick carpet; let the girl have a few harmless falls and in no time she will learn to support herself on Rody and hop away giggling.

The toy horse is easily inflated with a hand or foot pump. But the best part is: you can inflate it according to the size of the child, making it an adjustable toy as the child grows…and available to other children as well. Great for introducing the concept of taking turns and sharing.

  • Made from soft, strong, latex-free bands
  • Very durable and won’t deflate with use
  • The vinyl is BPA-free, phthalate-free

  • You might feel the typical rubber odor upon inflating, but the smell will dissipate

Barbie Dreamhouse

Barbie Dreamhouse

This is one of those classic toys that don’t require much explanation… it’s simply a little girl’s dream! At a height of 4 feet, this wonderful Barbie dollhouse is impressive and will definitely be a significant addition to a 3 year old girl’s room, as well as her playtime.

It has 3 floors of modern rooms to explore, from the entryway and kitchen on the first floor to the bedrooms and walk-in closet on the top floor, all furnished with detailed furniture. It encourages interactive play and developing social skills as the little girl imagines a whole life for her Barbie dolls and moves the furniture around as she likes. It’s a perfect setting for endless stories, and there are even numerous interactive accessories with lights, sounds, and motion, such as an aquarium that has bubbling sounds and fish swimming.

  • Endless possibilities of play with more than 70 accessories
  • Includes a working elevator with a simple pull mechanism and a built-in garage door (use the sliding tab to open and close it)
  • Encourages imagination, interactive play, and helps develop fine motor skills

  • Some sounds and motions in the interactive accessories may lag
  • Batteries required but not included

KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen

KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen

Do you maybe know a little girl who’s always following her mum around the kitchen and asking to help? We think the answer is, very likely, a definite yes. But even if that’s not the case, expect this kind of thing soon, because it’s a very natural occurrence after the age of 3.

Which only makes it better that this amazing play-pretend kitchen is suitable for ages 3 and waaay up until they’re, well, preteens who’d rather go to the mall. This set is amazing: a real little kitchen with all the amenities that can be opened and closed. Another wonderful detail: the surface of the freezer is chalkboard! Plus, we can all agree, the storage space above the sink is super convenient.

The set is large enough for multiple children to play together at once; not to mention, it can be passed down for generations. This one’s a keeper!

  • Very detailed, functional and realistic
  • Made with quality material: composite wood, some metal and molded plastic; sturdy and durable

  • Assembly is very challenging and takes a couple of hours

Green Toys Tea Set

ALEX Toys Tea Set Basket

Little girls have a tea party, whether in a group or alone with stuffed animals, is probably one of the most enjoyable and adorable sights. It’s so wonderful to see them making up stories, interacting, and passing tea party essentials to each other, or pretending to give their imaginary friends a sip.

The real deal starts when kids are about 4 to 5 years of age, but give a 3 year old girl a tea set and watch what happens. By the time she’s 5, she’ll only love it more, and develop detailed stories while using it. Until then, a little tea set is a perfect toy for developing both gross and fine motor skills and engaging imagination and cognitive function as she arranges the set. Luckily, there’s plenty to play with here: 17 pieces of classic tea party essentials overall.  

  • Environmentally friendly toy completely made and packaged with recycled or eco-friendly materials
  • Sturdy, durable, and safe pieces
  • The set meets FDA food contact standards
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher-safe

  • The sugar bowl has holes in the bottom which people complain about. However, the purpose of this is to ensure safety for smaller children by making the bowl usable only for chunky materials.

VTech Care for Me Learning Carrier

VTech Care for Me Learning Carrier

Here’s truly wonderful idea for an educational toy for a 3 year old girl. The interactive pet carrier has light-up buttons made to introduce things such as colors, shapes and pet care to a little one and the door plays cute phrases upon opening and closing, teaching things such as opposites. There are also letter beads which introduce letters and play music upon sliding – there are more than a hundred melodies, songs, sounds, and phrases.

But there’s more: the child will adore the cute plush puppy that she can carry around anywhere inside the box. She’ll express her empathy and love for animals by being able to take care of the puppy, using the provided accessories: bowl, ball, comb, and bottle… thus developing fine motor skills in the process.

Overall, this is a toy that’s highly engaging; it is wonderful for role-playing and equally educational!

  • Durable and lightweight
  • Handles on the carrier enable the child to take it wherever she likes easily
  • Demo batteries included

  • The manufacturer recommended age is 9 month-3 years, but the carrier gate can be difficult for a small toddler to open and close so it’s likely 3 years is the optimal age

Shape Sorter Pegboard Toddler Puzzles

Shape Sorter Pegboard Toddler Puzzles

Here is one amazing, educational toy for a 3 year old girl that’s bound to keep her brain as well as her hands engaged for hours. This is one of the top 10 toys for 3 year old girls because it is a classic STEM toy, very seriously dedicated to fun with learning, encouraging discovery and exploration and promoting the development of numerous skills, from memory and cognitive, to fine motor.

But it’s more than just a classic shape sorter. This set is an early development Montessori toy but it’s made as 7 developmental toys in one, so the child can use it in different ways as she grows and learns. It’s great preparation for preschool but will be used well into kindergarten.

  • Easy-to-carry backpack provided with the construction materials so the whole kit can be taken along on travels
  • Essential for home-schooling and occupational therapy
  • Numerous activities, colors, and shapes
  • Set includes downloadable parent activity guide

  • Adult supervision always required if the toy is being used by a toddler

How to choose the Best toy for Three Year Old Girl?

It happens all too often: you find what seems like the perfect toy for a child of that age, you anticipate her reaction and can’t wait to watch her use it, and then… nothing. Perhaps, a disinterested glance before the toy is cast away in a remote corner. It really puzzles parents and relatives, but here are some things to consider in order to avoid this disappointment:

image of girl playing

Look for toys that are engaging

toys that are engagingKids learn so quickly; their capabilities of learning exceed our expectations. Thus, they require a lot of input. They need interactive toys to keep them busy – multiple functions, colors, sounds, voices, etc. When a toy requires their engagement, they’re much more likely to be intrigued by it. Plus, engaging and interactive toys provide a sense of challenge and later, accomplishment, which will emotionally tie them to it.

Offer diversity

You don’t want a bunch of toys that pretty much do the same thing, although they’re completely different – because your child will get very bored with that. From STEM toys to those that encourage interactive role-play, a 3 year old girl will benefit from diversity.

Look for little treasures

Sometimes, kids fall in love with toys that adults really can’t see the value of. They view them as their little treasure and always keep them at hand. Girls at the age of 3 already express their taste, which is pretty amazing, by the way. Observe your child and see which kinds of shapes, colors, and designs they’re drawn to, and use that knowledge the next time you’re looking for toys.

How we ranked the toys:

All said, it’s not nearly as easy to pick out the best toy for a 3 year old girl as one would expect. To make things easier, we approached this systematically, using the following criteria:


Obviously, this is the primary issue for all things regarding children – especially the toys they’ll be spending hours with. We looked for age-appropriate toys, making sure that no toy was specified for a minimum age older than 3 by the manufacturer. Another important factor was the material that the toys were made from, as the availability of chemicals in toys is a very common issue. We made sure to list only nontoxic products, BPA-free, phthalate-free, etc.


Toys go through some extensive abuse, as they should when a small child is using them. although their gross and fine motor skills are much higher than they were just a year ago, it can’t be expected of a 3 year old girl not to do some dropping, pulling, throwing, etc. the toys we listed are made from durable, quality material and able to withstand wear and tear.

Developmental diversity

As we’ve mentioned previously, children grow and learn so much at this age, that it’s our responsibility to offer them toys they can get the most out of. The toys listed offer learning across various fields and developing varied skills. It can be something as simple as hand to eye coordination, arranging (which promotes memory function) or more complicated things that come with STEM toys and role-playing toys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I give priority to teaching numbers and words?

toys for kids to learn numbers and wordsWhile learning letters and numbers is appropriate at the age of 3 and very encouraged, it is by no means something to stress about. Toys that teach numbers and words are a great way to engage a child, promote memory, and encourage educational activity, and that’s why they should definitely be included in the child’s toy set. The learning process is what’s important, as they develop other skills along the way. But knowing numbers and letters as a 3 year old, although commendable, is not a priority. Make sure you don’t neglect other aspects, such as teaching patience and social skills.

Should I clean these toys often?

Parents worry about their children getting in touch with germs and tend to overdo it. The truth is that scrubbing everything down excessively doesn’t do much, and being exposed to germs as a child results in being more immune to them later. A normally kept house and child’s room is a safe environment, so you don’t have to scrub the toys constantly. Cleaning more often is required for the things your child tends to put in her mouth.

Are these toys just for girls?

toys just for girlsOf course not! Boys can play with them as much as girls and it’s best to allow children to choose for themselves and play with whatever they’re drawn to. You might be very surprised when you see what happens because each child is unique. Get your 3 year old girl a wide variety of toys and see what she responds to with most enthusiasm.  


When trying to find the best toy for a 3 year old girl, it’s best to be guided by your understanding of the developmental stage she’s in. That’s why we’ve noted in which way each product contributes to your child’s various abilities. Don’t forget the fun of it all – after all, that’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “toy”! The toys that encourage development in the most fun way are the perfect ones. Hopefully, this review gives some insight into that, but don’t neglect your child’s unique characteristics when you’re choosing.