Best Rated Toys for 9 Year Old Boys Reviewed in 2019

There comes a time in your life when you’ll want to do everything to make your child feel happy and appreciated. And there’s nothing wrong with that. No matter if they deserve it or simply expect you to shower them with gifts every once in a while, as they grow they won’t be pleased with just about any toy.

At the age of nine, their refined taste for toys will give you headaches in terms of choosing the best gift unless you know exactly what to get them. Luckily, leading toy companies are always one step ahead of you or your child and have prepared toys of all sorts and shapes for this year.

Best Toys for 9 Year Old Boy

Razor E100 Electric Scooter

razor e100 scooter photo

If you have a boy who’s into skateboards and rollerblades, you might be concerned with his safety. Everyone knows that riding a skateboard involves constant injuries, and naturally, you don’t want this for him. Instead of a skateboard, you can get him a scooter.

Why bother teaching your kid how to kick and push in order to ride a scooter when you can let the technology do that for him? With this electric scooter, your kid will skip the basic riding lessons and go straight to cruising and enjoying a quality ride.

It features a steady steel frame with an electric motor powerful enough that allows the user to attain a speed of 10 mph. Next to that it’s fairly easy to ride, as it has twist handles and a brake that regulates speed.

  • Easy to master
  • Environment-friendly
  • Safe and fun to ride
  • Strong frame and available spare parts

  • Fairly overpriced
  • Battery life lower than expected

Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D. Metal Detector

bounty hunter junior detector photo

Is your 9-year-old an adventure enthusiast who can’t be in one place for more than a couple of minutes? If that’s the case you might have found the perfect toy gift for him. This junior metal detector has everything that a young explorer needs. It’s light and easy to use. The full-detail provides information regarding the depth of the object as well as type. It’s very graphic and easy to interpret, after all, it is intended for kids use.

With the battery life indicator, your little explorer will know exactly when to call it a day and when to pursue the “expedition”. Next to that, with the neat bag that comes with the toy, he’ll always have a place to store it in, no matter where you go.

  • Lightweight frame
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Descriptive display
  • Easy to transport

  • Plenty of hard to reach spots make it hard to clean from sand

Ozobot bit Extra Bot, Black

ozobot bit extra photo

Your gadget-loving kid will absolutely adore this one, as it is one of the hottest robotic toy gadgets for kids currently on the market. What you get when you buy this amazing toy is a fully functioning robo-gadget that follows color lines drawn on a paper. It recognized colors and deciphers them according to his OzoCodes guidebook to create a path which he follows without error. It’s a great gift for your tech-savvy kid that will teach him the basics of robotics, as well as a bit of coding and engineering.  It’s a great way to push your favorite tech enthusiast towards learning about new technology.

The applications of such toy are virtually limitless. Once you unbox it and install the app needed to follow its progress you’ll immediately understand why this toy became so popular.

  • Ingenious design
  • Great battery life
  • Multiple applications

  • Overly complicated guidebook

Microscope Kit with Metal Arm and Base

kids microscope 52 pieces

Do you have a kid who’s aspiring to become a scientist one day? Or perhaps shows incredible interests in biology lessons? If that’s the case you might want to reward that kind of progressive thinking and get the perfect gift for your youngling.

This incredible science kit offers everything that your young explorer will ever need. It features a forward-facing rotation turret with a lens that offers magnification from 120x to 1200x. Next to that, your kid will also have more than fifty accessories to play with. One would imagine that this type of machinery uses a lot of electricity, but the fact is that you’ll only need two triple A battery to run it.

  • Highly accurate
  • High magnification range
  • Comes with a lab case

  • Pieces tend to get lost easily

RipStik Ripster Caster Board

RipStik Caster Board

Kids have an abundance of energy at this age and you’ll need to accommodate their need to spend it throughout the day. With this caster board, your child will have plenty of chances to spend all of that energy stored inside them. Why is it the best choice for your kid? Because this type of board is specifically designed for skateboarding beginners. You won’t find many toys for 9-year-old boys that are this safe for use.

Its ingenious design makes it almost impossible for the user to fall from it or lose balance. It’s light and durable and you won’t have to think about your kid’s safety while riding this unique skateboard. So if your kid is into skateboarding, this is without a doubt the best gift that you can get them at this age.

  • Very durable
  • Extremely light for this type of caster board
  • Relatively cheap

  • Bearings tend to get used rather fast

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop Shatter Resistant

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop Photo

What better way to surprise your little athlete than to get him this adjustable, easy-to-mount mini basketball hoop? It features a shatterproof board and a durable net that’s perfect for learning the basic hoops. You can set it up anywhere you want whether it’s your backyard, garage, living room or any other place in your home. If you kid loves basketball but you aren’t ready of letting them go on a court alone, this is the best solution for your problems.

You‘ll be able to practice 3 pointers with your son anywhere you place it. It’s incredibly easy to mount it, so if you realize that you didn’t pick the best spot for your mini basketball hoop, you can move it to another place just as easily.

  • Shatterproof backboard
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to mount

  • Standard basketball doesn’t fit through the hoop

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magic Set

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magic Set

Every kid loves to see magic. And while some enjoy seeing other perform it, some try to perform their own magic tricks. If your 9-year-old kid is really into magic, he’ll need some help performing his first tricks. The best thing you can do to push him in that direction is to get him Mellisa & Doug Deluxe Magic Set.

It has everything that a novice magician needs. The set includes a disappearing ball, a magical coin box, number prediction set and a couple of other magical accessories. This way you little illusionist will learn all the basic trick with ease. You’ll be proud when you see the confidence that radiates from them as they perform their first magic trick successfully.

  • Easy to learn
  • More than a couple of ways to perform with one gadget
  • Great for developing hand-to-eye coordination and improve motor skills

  • Ease to misplace items

Think Fun Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game

Think Fun Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game

This all-in-one toy set alloys your youngling to have fun while practicing motor skills, planning and logic. If your kid loves puzzles, you can’t go wrong with buying him this amazing gift. They’ll be able to construct a path for their marble run game with ease and create puzzles as well.

This way they’ll practice their logical reasoning without conducting boring tests. The best way to learn is through play. So, by getting Think Fun Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic game for your 9-year-old kid, you’ll provide a toy that brings lots of fun and a way to learn important lessons and develop crucial skills like planning, conceptualizing and presenting their ideas without error.

  • Clear guidebook for all the parts and ways to use the toy set
  • Helps develop logical reasoning and improves motor skills
  • Provides countless hours of entertainment

  • Parts could be more durable

Spin Master Games Perplexus Epic

Spin Master Games Perplexus Epic

Is your boy easily amazed with puzzles and logic games? If so then this toy might be the perfect gift for him. It’s easy to construct a maze and you’ll be amazed with how complex they can get. The toy set features parts that can be joined together creating a 22 feet track. They aren’t limited by direction.

Your boy can create 3D tracks and improve cognitive function while having fun. It provides countless hours of entertainment and you can join at any time. This way you’ll spend quality time with your son while improving their motor skills, logical reasoning and memory. There is always a way to continue the track. Depending on their creativity and the ability to express ideas, they can construct virtually countless types of mazes and tracks for their marble.

  • Parts are made from durable material
  • Easy-to-follow guide
  • Multiple levels of difficulty

  • Storing parts can be challenging

LEGO Technic WHACK! 42072 Building Kit

LEGO Technic WHACK! 42072 Building Kit

LEGO toys are suitable for kids and young adults as well. So if you don’t know what to get for your 9-year-old kid take a look at this amazing Lego building kit. Boys love cars, and there’s no way around it. And this building kit is every car-loving boy’s dream. It features over 130 pieces and parts all of which can be combined together to create the ultimate, most durable ride ever created by a LEGO set.

You’ll enjoy spending quality time with your son constructing a perfect ride for the track. As long as your boy is creative enough you’ll be able to make any type of fast-track ride. Once they figure out that virtually any two parts can join together they’ll start creating amazing designs.

  • Parts are easily connected
  • Easy to combine with other Lego building sets
  • Features quality and durable parts

  • Lacks educational benefit

LEGO The Iron Golem

LEGO The Iron Golem

Minecraft, a game in which you can create entire landscapes in pixel-art became quite successful over time. LEGO noticed this success and created their own toy inspired by Minecraft. If you boy is into Minecraft he’ll definitely love this gift. He’ll be able to create his favorite characters and settings in a matter of minutes. Everything is easy when it comes to playing and creating with LEGO sets. And this particular LEGO the Iron Golem set is no different.

It features over 200 pieces all of which can be combined, stacked onto each other to create stunning settings for his favorite characters. These playful sets can be used to decorate the play-room or add a bit of color to a particular part of the living room or any other place in your home.

  • Ingenious design
  • Limitless crafting capabilities
  • Most of the pieces are compatible with one another

  • Small pieces can be misplaced easily

Made By Me Build & Paint Your Own Wooden Cars

Made By Me Build & Paint Your Own Wooden Cars

If you have a kid that isn’t amazed with most of the toys that you can find on the market currently then why not gift him with this unique car crafting kit? Every parent should teach their child to appreciate the joy of creating something with their own hand. And this toy provides exactly those lessons. With this build and paint set, he’ll be able to express his ideas rather than just put two pieces together to create a toy car. Next to the ability to create their own design, this toy allows kids to paint their creations as well.

They’ll learn how to design, use basic paint tools, and have fun while doing so. The best lesson is that learned through playtime. Made By Me Build & Paint Your Own Wooden Cars toy set features 42 pre-built wooden frames and parts all of which are used in the process of creating the perfect ride. You can help them with their project and join efforts to craft really stunning and colorful toy cars. You’ll be amazed how fun it can get.

  • Easy to follow directions
  • Parts are crafted from quality wood
  • Paint applies easily on wood surface

  • Hard to remove paint

Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit

Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit

You 9-year-old might be playful no matter where they are but are they aware of their hygiene? While playing in a park on any other place where they can get in contact with filth and dirt, they should be mindful enough not to get dirty from head to toe. This science kit is the best thing to raise their awareness about what grows on their bodies and underneath the skin.

The Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit features resources out of which you can reconstruct some actions that occur on our skin. This toy kit is highly educational and if you boy loves science this might prove as their favorite thing to play with. They’ll be able to create intestines, bacteria and mold and thus improve their understanding of what goes on under microscope on their bodies.

  • Highly educational
  • Multiple ways to use the material
  • A neat guidebook on how to use the science kit

  • Hard to clean

Winning Moves Games Rubik’s Cube

Winning Moves Games Rubik's Cube

This is a classic toy that can do so much for your kid’s memory and cognitive function. If your 9-year-old boy loves puzzles then this toy is a “must have” for them. They’ll have plenty of time to practice their memory and puzzle-solving skills with this classic puzzle maker.

The toy features a unique stand to glorify their success once they solve the cube and make all sides full-colored. The best thing about it is that you can mix up the colors so they can start all over almost instantly.

  • Great for improving memory
  • Features a cube stand
  • Easy to reset

  • Color stickers tend to come off easily

Mr. Sketch 1905069 Scented Markers

Mr. Sketch 1905069 Scented Markers

Scented markers are a great toy for your young aspiring artist. Being an artist isn’t easy, as sometimes creativity can drop to such extent that ideas don’t come at all. With these scented markers you kid will be able to unleash their creativity as they draw shapes and color each object with different scent.

The set features 12 different markers, and each of them smells amazing. The markers don’t have that nasty chemical odor that makes the whole drawing experience less interesting. Each marker has a different odor, making it fun to use. Whenever your kid doesn’t know what to draw, you can give them a hint by using the color and odor of each marker. This way they’ll be able to draw a peach-scented fruit and learn all about it in the process.

  • Pleasant scent makes color recognition easy
  • Features 12 different scents
  • Can be applied to almost any surface

  • Hard to come off

How to Choose the Most Popular Toys for 9 Year Old Boy?

There’s a number of ways to determine the best gift for your child. Some of which relate to their interests and some to the beneficial factor that they provide. As a parent you should be able to pull all of those things together and come up with the perfect gift. Here are a couple of guidelines on how to do that and get the most popular toy for your 9-year-old boy.

Conduct a research

You can’t just pick a toy of their choosing and pray that they’ll like it. You’ll need to conduct a research and explore the toys of that sort on the market. For example, if your kid is into toy cars, you should first check which toy company manufactures the best, most durable toy cars. Pick a type and find all the toy companies that sell them. Next, pick the top rating companies and pick a toy that suits your son’s interest.

Beneficial factors

After choosing the toy company that sells top-quality toys, you should be able to pick the ones with the most beneficial factor. This means that the toy should be able to provide more than just entertainment for your boy. If the toy features elements that improve motor skills, cognitive function or memory then you’re on the right track. Be sure that the toy isn’t only for playing but that they can also learn something useful while playing with it.

Age limit

Most of the toys have an age limit. This allows you to anticipate how long they’ll be interesting for your kid. So logically, you can’t get a toy that’s intended for kids ranged from 5-8 years old. There is a reason why these toys have an age limit and this should be one of the deciding factors to help you get the most popular toy for your 9-year-old boy.

Criteria we used

Choosing the perfect toy for your child isn’t an easy task. But luckily you can find sources through which you can make the process a whole lot easier. The criteria that we used for finding a toy appropriate for 9-year-old boys should help you understand why these particular toys are considered as the best choice.

Educational potential

Number one thing that each of the above-mentioned toys should possess is the ability to provide more than just fun and entertainment. Toys for boys of this age should be able to educate them in certain aspects of life. While some provide lessons from biology, other toys will give insight in basics of robotics or engineering. Being that kids are like sponges and absorb every bit of information at this age it’s crucial that they’re able to learn through playing with their toys.


All of the toys that we recommend must pass the safety of using test. Besides being appropriate for a specific age-limit they’re all safe to use. This means that there aren’t harmful chemicals or materials. This is important as there are a lot of toy companies that don’t use materials suites for toys for kids. On the other side, companies that make quality toys pay close attention to which material is used for which toy.

Build to last

Toys that we recommend and review are all made to last. The toy companies that made them don’t use cheap materials in the production process. Thus the price is more than justified, as you boy will be able to use them years after you get them. More importantly they won’t lose interest in playing with them as they have all of them are intended for kids of 9 years or above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these toys safe for use?

All of the above-mentioned toys are quite safe for use. They aren’t made from any hazardous materials or are prone to malfunctioning.

Are all of these toys made from plastic and are they durable enough?

Plastic is the most common material used in production of toys. However, some toys are made from quality wood, aluminum and other materials as well. This means that they are pretty durable and designed to last.

How long do these toys last?

While the lifespan of some toys, like Caster Board, depends on the way they’re being used and how they’re stored, for other toys it’s determined by the battery life.

How to teach my kid to ride a Caster Board?

There are plenty of tutorials online that will prove more than useful for getting the hint on what it takes to ride a Caster Board.

Is riding a Caster Board safer than riding a skateboard?

Yes, it’s much safer to start with a Caster Board and then to go to a skateboard. Performing tricks on Caster Board is much easier and doesn’t require much skill to ride it.

Can my son play with more than one Ozobot on one surface?

Provided that you follow the instructions provided by the guidebook, you can use as many Ozobot’s as you want. They require only a surface on which the Ozobot can move. Be sure to place the paper on a solid surface before drawing lines and connecting them with dots.

Are all of these toys for boys exclusively?

Some of the toys, like Rubic’s cube, are logically both for boys and girls. Although both boys and girls can use them, chances are that most of them will be interesting only for boys.


Boys at this age can be picky with their interest in toys, so it’s normal that they aren’t satisfied with just about any toy. The best way to determine whether your boy will develop an interest in playing with that particular toy is to notice which of the toys that they previously had proved as most interesting and entertaining to them.

This way you’ll know on which type to focus when buying toys in the future. Also, it’s quite important that the future toys that you buy them aren’t only for fun, but that they are able to improve motor skills, memory, and cognitive function in general.